What Does Error Code EC50 and Service Flashing Mean on Your Sub Zero Refrigerator

April 7, 2022
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An Error Code EC50 and Service Flashing can mean a lot of things, so ensure that you get expert Refrigerator repair in Santa Clara from the most reputable Sub-Zero Repair Co in Santa Clara today. It’s hard to understand error codes, especially when it’s your first time seeing them.

But, we also provided easy steps you can take to determine what’s causing the error code to appear on your refrigerator. Therefore, before calling Sub-Zero Repair Co in Santa Clara, have a first hand in checking the problem.

When your Sub Zero refrigerator displays the Error code EC50, it means that the compressor is working nonstop. Compressors should not be operating 24/7 but need rest. If a compressor is working 24/7, your refrigerator could be greatly affected. Here is what you can do to eliminate the error code:

1. Check if door/s are properly closed.

When we are in a rush, we forget to properly close our refrigerator doors. Cold air can then escape, making the temperature inside the refrigerator increase. Once temperature change is detected, the compressors will automatically turn on to lower the temperature and bring it back to its original level. If you keep forgetting to properly close your refrigerator door, your compressor will work extra hard and when it’s overworked, it could cause more problems.

2. Ensure that your refrigerator’s door seals are not damaged. 

The door seals are like magnets that ensure the door is tightly closed and cold air won’t have a chance to escape. If the door seals are damaged, the door won’t properly close, and you’ll have a hard time keeping the temperature balanced. Ensure that you immediately replace the door seals if there is any damage to them. This way, you can avoid further damage or food spoilage.

3. Check if the refrigerator has too much food stored inside. 

If your refrigerator is overpacked with food items, your refrigerator will have a hard time reaching optimal temperatures to keep food fresh. Then, the compressor will work overtime to ensure that the right temperature is reached. If the compressor is overworked, it could be broken, and you’ll need to have it replaced. Therefore, ensure that your refrigerator is full but not overcrowded, so air can properly circulate and each food item is well-preserved.

4. Ensure that you do not place hot food inside your refrigerator. 

Placing hot food directly in your refrigerator will drastically change the temperature inside. Again, your compressor will work harder to change the temperature, and it could get overworked and break down. Remember to let hot food cool down to room temperature before placing it inside the refrigerator, and you won’t have a problem with the compressor and the error code.

5. Check if the room temperature is not affecting the refrigerator.

If your kitchen has huge windows that let natural light into the room, then it could affect the temperature inside your refrigerator. Also, if your kitchen doesn’t have proper ventilation to let hot air escape while cooking, your refrigerator will be affected. Ensure that the room where your refrigerator is has proper ventilation. Avoid placing your refrigerator in areas where it could get hit by direct sunlight. This way, you can prevent the compressor from getting damaged.

6. Be sure to thoroughly clean the condenser coils.

If the error code shows up, don’t forget to check on your condenser coils. The condenser coils easily gather dirt which can affect their performance. Make sure to clean it thoroughly using a vacuum and a paintbrush for hard-to-reach spots. If you are cleaning your condenser coils, unplug your refrigerator first.

To avoid spoiled food, remove all items inside your refrigerator to avoid spoiled food before unplugging it. The items removed should be placed in a room with similar temperatures to a freezer or a cooler with plenty of ice.

7. Check if the condenser fan is damaged.

The condenser fan/s help circulate the airflow inside the refrigerator. If the fan blades or motor is damaged, your compressor will have to work hard to compensate for the temperature change. If this happens, your compressor could just stop working, and you’ll be left with easily spoiled food items. Don’t wait for this to happen and get the repair you need right away. Condenser fans are easily replaced, but for the best results, ask for professional assistance.

If you are unfamiliar with how Sub-Zero refrigerator was made, the first one was created inside the garage of the company’s founder, Westye F. Bakke. His innovation led to what is now the most in-demand refrigerator brand in the world. So, rest assured that your Sub Zero units are made to perfection.

If an error code and service flashes, you need to get your Sub Zero appliance serviced right away because even the best and most awarded appliances can develop problems if not taken care of. So, choose an appliance repair company like Sub Zero Repair Co to help you keep your Sub Zero units perfectly working at all times.

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