Simple and Easy Ways to Set and Maintain Your Wine Cooler

March 17, 2022
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Appliances have changed how we live, making life easier. They are a huge help in doing chores, and we’ve been dependent on them for a long time now. But, even the greatest built appliance can develop damages if not taken care of properly. 

Average Lifespan of Refrigerator

Refrigerators are expected to last on an average of 12 years. But, with proper maintenance and care, your refrigerator may last longer than 12 years, and you won’t need to get a new one. You can prevent your refrigerator from dying when you watch out for the signs:

Refrigerator Walls Are Getting Hot

Exterior walls should not have high temperatures because a refrigerator cools, not heats up. The motor in your refrigerator generates heat because it works hard to reach your desired temperature. Although it gets hot, the motor won’t affect the exterior of your refrigerator. Therefore, if your refrigerator walls are getting hot, you should consider getting a professional refrigerator repair immediately to avoid further damages.

Exterior Condensation Is Present

There are 5 components inside a refrigerator that work together to keep the refrigerator running and have the perfect temperature at all times. Condensation happens when one of the components is not working properly. When condensation appears, the motor has a problem, and you won’t have much time before your refrigerator dies. So, you’ll need expert Sub-Zero home appliance repair services in Philadelphia to help you with the situation. Waiting too long won’t be an option, or you’ll have to replace your refrigerator. 

The Motor Is Constantly Running

The motor in your refrigerator will run from time to time to control each component and ensure they are working properly. After some time, they will stop running, and your refrigerator will become quiet again. Hearing constant loud humming or noises from your refrigerator may signify that the motor is constantly running and malfunctioning. It’s a sign that you need to get it repaired right away or get a new refrigerator if not prevented.

Quicker Food Spoilage

Raw and cooked food can stay fresh inside the refrigerator for a duration of time. We listed common food items and their lifespan inside the refrigerator for you to know if food is quickly getting bad.

  • Raw Eggs – 3 to 5 weeks
  • Raw Chicken – 1 to 2 days
  • Cured Bacon – 1 week
  • Raw Steak – 3 to 5 days

If you notice these food items getting spoiled a lot quicker, there is something wrong with the cooling system of your refrigerator. You’ll need expert help to get it repaired right away. 

Bills Are Unusually Higher

A faulty refrigerator will work extra hard to keep food and drinks from going bad. The extra effort your refrigerator does will take a toll on your electricity bill. So, it’s advisable to always maintain and repair your refrigerator when needed. We know that it takes extra effort to get your refrigerator the proper care and maintenance it needs to last longer than 12 years. Therefore, if you notice your electricity bill rising without changing your lifestyle or adding new appliances, you should have your refrigerator checked at once. This way, you can avoid your bills from mounting and save money as well.

Should You Replace Your Refrigerator?

The signs we listed above do not necessarily mean you instantly need to replace your refrigerator. If you’ve caught the signs early on, then repairs are the most convenient way to go. There are expert repair companies you can rely on to help you fix your refrigerator and make them last longer. But, if you have several signs, it may be time for replacement. Sometimes, it’s the only option, especially if you did not notice the signs of damage early on.

Get Expert Help for Your Sub Zero Refrigerator

Faulty refrigerators won’t only spoil your food and drinks but also increase your electricity bills. Buying a new one can be pricey, especially when everything is too expensive. So, instead of replacing your refrigerator, get professional help to assess it first. If the damage is repairable, you’ll save thousands of dollars. If not, you can prepare yourself and plan before buying a new unit. Don’t worry about where to get a good repair service because, with Sub Zero Repair Co, you can rest assured that your refrigerator will be up and running smoothly in no time. We guarantee that our Sub-Zero home appliance repair services in Philadelphia are fast, reliable, and affordable. We’ll help you save time and money in the best way we can.

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