Appliance Services

Refrigerator Repair

Every home depends on their refrigerator, on a daily basis. If your refrigerator is not working it can be serious! You will need fast refrigerator repair Miami. Miami residents rely on Sub-Zero Repair for professional quality repair service. We specialize in wine cellars and wine coolers.

Washer Repair

Sub-Zero Repair is leading the way in washer repair. Miami residents trust us to repair their washing machines quickly and effectively. We have only trained professionals employed to care for your appliance.

Oven Repair

When you are cooking, it is very important that your oven is working properly. If it isn’t you will need quick, reliable oven repair. Miami residents depend on Sub-Zero Repair for their oven repair needs.

Dishwasher Repair

Having dishes that don’t look their best or feel clean can be an indicator that you may need dishwasher repair. Miami is home to thousands of residents, Sub-Zero Repair is a popular choice for the Miami area.

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